The Portico Kitchen

A grass-roots project, established and entirely run by volunteers, The Portico Kitchen is vegan café, intended to provide a relaxed and cosy environment for the whole community.  Everything on the menu is plant-based, supporting an ethos of equality and providing affordable cruelty-free food. The café is completely non-profit, with all proceeds going into buying locally sourced ingredients.  A team of creative and enthusiastic volunteers take to the kitchen to share the delicious, healthy, home-cooked recipes they eat at home. The Portico Kitchen is a beautiful example of what can happen when conscience minds, guided by loving intentions, come together to create something for the greater good.  A hub, within a hub, the Portico Kitchen is an extension of the gallery, offering a welcoming space for all!


Sustenance Zero Waste

The pop-up store, in the pop-up café; offering whole foods to buy in bulk without the unnecessary packaging. Zero Waste operates from within the Portico Kitchen…when?…, providing the opportunity to live more sustainably, with less waste and thus, a reduced impact on the planet.  Zero Waste is passionate about saying no the exploitation of the planet and its resources, reducing use of plastics and general over consumption.  All foods sold are plant-based, unprocessed, and unrefined. Customers provide their own containers, resulting in zero wastage, and absolutely no single-use plastics.