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Yoga, Fitness & Wellbeing at Portico


The Portico Gallery hosts a series of sessions, including yoga, qi-gong, animalistic training, BJJ MMA.  Classes run across a flexible schedule, from Monday to Saturday, and are offered by a diverse team of motivated and inspirational individuals.  All relevant information is detailed on the website; take a look, find a session, and jump straight in!  Classes are designed to be accessible for the wider community and all all priced at £5 unless stated otherwise.


A mixed-level yogasana class, open to all abilities.  Classes vary in focus, working on developing strength, balance and flexibility; whilst allowing scope for self-practice and refining particular asana and inversions.  Classes are physically challenging, but also allow for cultivation of yogic mind and spirit, nurturing a sense of peace and promoting a culture of acceptance and equanimity.

Classes take place every morning and evening, with a variety of teachers, see schedule for details.

£5 per session or £60 for unlimited monthly membership

Teacher Profiles:

Internationally renowned yoga teacher, Felix Price, has over twelve years of teaching experience in yoga and mixed spiritual arts.  Felix leads fun, flowing sessions, open to all levels. Classes are structured around stretching, strengthening, breath-work and meditation, with a strong focus on overall healing, well-being and relaxation.

Alongside his partner Diahann, Felix is the founder of Urban Avatars, for more information visit www.urbanavatars.com or www.felix1yoga.com

Contact Felix at felix_1@hotmail.co.uk or on 07545548018


Certified yoga teacher and massage therapist, Amy, has been involved in bodywork for almost a decade.  Amy loves to integrate elements of Thai massage with healing touch and her yoga classes involve lots of creative sequences, playfulness and hands-on adjustment. Classes involve lots of sweat-inducing strengthening, but also aim to be refreshing and help clear the mind, inspiring one to live each moment mindfully!

Contact Amy on wisanaloveyoga@gmail.com or 07909777249


Yogini Claire, has been practicing yoga for close to fifteen years, trying out many styles before establishing Astanga spoke to her on a deeper level, and undertaking her 200-hour YTT in this style. Claire’s strong, mature, feminine energy brings a flowing class with spirituality at the core.  Claire provides sensitive guidance and encouraging instruction to all her students, making her class a great option from basic beginners to those more advanced.

Contact Claire on coates_claire@sky.com or 07702241711

Damian has been practicing yoga since 2014, experimenting with various styles from Hatha to Astanga Vinyasa, and completed his 200 hour YTT in India, the spiritual homeland. Through exploring pranayama and breath-work, alongside practicing asana, Damian began to experience the myriad of health benefits associated with the practice and is passionate about sharing this with fellow yogis and yoginis. Damian’s teaching focuses on endurance, mobility and deep stretching, whilst connecting with the breath and increasing the body’s vital energy, and he is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Contact Damien at damianmroczek@yahoo.com or 07950739662

Pete was deeply inspired to teach yoga after seeing his life change through his daily practice. As mind, body and spirit evolved, through practicing a life centred around the eight limbs of yoga, Pete embarked on his yoga teaching journey and is full of heart-felt gratitude to share it with others and inspire each and everyone to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

Pete’s classes aim to promote a connection with the spirit of the Earth and help all to realise what a beautiful, abundant space this is to exist in!

Contact Pete on petertaliadoros11@gmail.com  or 07585 662 030

A gentle, meditative session, with a focus on visualisation, breath-work and movement. Qi-gong aims to bring about a sense of inner calm and facilitate a connection with the body’s vital energy.  Classes vary with the most prominent focus being on healing and wellness.  All are welcome, no experience necessary, come along and experience the simple, safe, yet highly effective practices from the East.

Classes take place every morning and evening, see schedule for details.

£5 per session

Contact Jamie on jaime@qitribe.co.uk || 07947 738 218

Teacher Profile

Jamie founded Qi Tribe with the intention of promoting health, happiness and abundance in the community. Jamie studied under the lineage of Zhineng Qigong, created by Dr. Pang Ming, a Doctor of Chinese medicine, in 1979. Zhineng Qigong was developed as a powerful method for individual healing and Jamie is eager and enthusiastic to share this will all involved.

Animalistic Training

A very fun, challenging and unique class, designed to improve your health, fitness and energy levels in a way which also cultivates a connection with nature and the body.  The class is high-intensity, utilising the body’s physicality in order to optimise fitness and build mental strength. A diverse, range of dynamic exercises and floor-based drills, designed to stimulate the central nervous system, flushing the body of toxins and help clear energetic blockages; ‘Animalistic training’ encourages you to dig deep, train hard and sweat by the bucket load!

£5 per session.

Contact Mark on mark@marksanclemente.com or 07340301676

For help achieving more specific training goals, to book a one-to-one personal training session, or a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Mark.

Teacher Profile

Mark is passionate about encouraging a holistic attitude to fitness, health, and well-being, encompassing all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. After turning his life around, through a combined approach to physical, mental and emotional mastery, Mark is now dedicated to helping others break-away from limiting and destructive lifestyles, ideologies and behavioural patterns.


An intense work-out, focused heavily on technique and skill, the boxing sessions aim at getting all participants fighting fit! Classes involve lots of cardio, pad-work and a theme of real-life application lies at the core of the training. All abilities and fitness levels are welcome, and there is the scope to reach white collar / amateur boxing level if desired. All equipment provided, all are welcome!

Classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursday, see the schedule for details.

£7 per session.

Contact Josh on josh@1glove.org.uk or 07427465658


Teacher Profile

Josh has been practicing martial arts since his teens, and and has always been motivated by the discipline and physical demands of the sport.  He has been teaching and facilitating boxing training sessions for four years now and is interested in using the sport to nurture a community-minded connection.  Josh spent some time in the refugee camps in Calais and founded Calais Jungle Boxing Club, giving him first hand experience of how the sport can help people transcend negative mind-sets, and cultivate a sense of being grounded.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defence system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Sessions are taught by exceptional black-belt, many times champion and experienced teacher, Leo Nagoe.  Leo practices and teaches BJJ for self-defence and his style is based around the application of pressure, not giving the opponent space to recover.  He is the master of escapes and defence, and his guard passing is designed for reality.  Leo has the skill and experience to hold a safe, unintimidating space to share his craft and at the same time help others build fitness and spirit.

Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, both at lunchtime and in the evening, see the schedule for details.

£10 per session.

Contact Leo on

Teacher Profile

Growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Leo received his BJJ black belt 19 years ago, after initially starting practicing the sport in 1990.  He is many times Brazil’s state and national champion.  Regarded as an exceptional grappler, Leo has trained extensively with many of the greats of BJJ and his Jiu-Jitsu is on another level!