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Art & Soul.

We’ve made a lovely lovely thing for you all, it is an A5 limited edition, informative magazine. It contains up to the minute info on a whole load of local art news as well as some amazing creative writing. We would like your articles, thoughts, poems, reviews or suggestions for the next one which is due to be published early spring!

And the best thing is it is only a £1! …buy it from us right now. Or you could download it for nothing, but we will not fix the leaking roof without your help.

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Dec. 2014 A5 magazine

Bazaar & Resident Artist event

This weekend sees the return of our Bazaar that coincides with the West Norwood Feast.

If you would like a stall please contact us via on 0208761 7612.

If you have never been to a Baazar before then you are in for a treat. We have local makers and creators selling all kinds of interesting gift ideas. In the past we’ve had writers, chocolates, mexican tin toys, cushions, paintings, prints, pottery and much more!


As well as the Stalls our artist in residence, Doomtube, (a.k.a Phil Beeken) to concede with Samhain/all saints day/Halloween/Winter Nights/Thesmophoria etc  will open The ongoing art installation project ‘The Centre For Ritual Occult Studies’ to the public. This acclaimed installation will feature new film works as well as a few extras.


So this weekend at the Gallery looks to be shaping up to a good couple of days..

what are you doing for halloween? 


Fabulous Portico Bazaar
Sunday 2nd November
All things Christmassy
Not to be missed
Something for all the family.
The bazaars are open on the same day as West Norwood’s fabulous Feast,
so there are bound to be lots of people in the town and lots of visitors to
the bazaar.
Come early to grab the best.
The Portico Gallery bazaars are Indoors, warm, dry, comfortable and with plenty of room for everyone.
This bazaar there will be live piano music.

Come along on Sunday between 10am and 4pm and join the fun.

Gifts and treats
Something for everyone.
From original artworks and prints to jewellery, sweet treats and toys.

Lots of ambience
Warm and inviting:
Lots to see, lots to buy. Music, refreshments and entertainment.



The Artist Open House has now finished. We had a fantastic time and are now looking forward to our next large group exhibition which will be held for the Lambeth Open on 4th & 5th of October. If you would like to show with use then please get in contact.

Below is the list of artists who showed with us at The Dulwich Open, please check out their work.

Thank you for showing your work with us, and if you came to visit the show, thank you for coming – it was very much a success. Pictures of the event below.


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Andy Parker

Aneta Srodon

Anna Jackson

Elena Hall

Sylvia Batycka

Carol Edgar

Wilf Frost

Linda Samson

Karlina Veras

Steve Owen

Sally Ward

Joyce Treasure

Emma Fenelon

Sarah Lovett


Eileen Siley

Tom Stevens

Francesca Brecciaroli

Nelly Papas

Chrissy Thirlaway

Arisa Tabaku

We will continue to add artists daily.



2nd FEAST BAZAAR 4th MAY 2014

So we are rapidly approaching the second West Norwood Feast event! Are you ready? is West Norwood ready? … Well we at the Portico Gallery are nearly ready, and, there’s still a week to go!

We will once again be hosting a bazaar here, indeed if you are a maker a doer a baker or a painter there is always a room for you to have a stall with us. This comes with rain free  100% Guarantee rain, music (of your choice, if the DJ shows up) and super friendly happy warm smiling pixies* to help with your every requirement!

Okay, so what if you are not interested in a  stall but would like to peruse  high quality fair priced goodies?

Well, Portico is the place to be! …take a look at some of the stall holders we had at our first event. Painters, chocolatiers, makers and creators. And we also had last month amazing work by Chido Bueno   a fantastic local author Chirstopher Bowden

It’s really going to be a May time winner, especially as it follows on from our Cultural event of a free film screening. Do come along, we’ve plenty of place to park your buggies, sit and drink your tea (yes I hear talk of a pop up Cafe in there this month) browse stuff, buy stuff.

We Will see you there…

*no real Pixies will be involved in this event

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First Bazaar of 2014

Wow, what an amazing day. What started as a grey, rainy morning soon turned into a fantastic and very busy first Feast and Bazaar of the year. We had some great stalls in Portico Gallery including some regulars as well as some new faces. everything from designer hand made shoes to luxury chocolates. There were handbags and lovely cushions as well as imported mexican ephemera, there really was something for everyone. In the front corridor we had Sarah Lovett showing examples of her work,  as well as giving demonstrations which really drew in the crowds. Some examples of her weaved rushes can be seen in the slide show below.

We did manage to get out and about as well and enjoyed the Feast very much. Although the weather was over cast there were a lot of people out enjoying themselves, indeed the queues for the food at lunch time were huge!


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It was all in all a lovely day and nice to meet plenty of West Norwood people as well as people from further afield. If you would like a stall at our next Bazaar, taking place on the first Sunday of next month, do get in touch.


featured Artist: Angelique Hartigan



Angelique Hartigan is a well respected local artist and and the 3rd to feature in our ongoing project to showcase artists and makers who will be at the first Bazaar of 2014. It will be this weekend the 6th of April.

Here is an interview where she speaks about here work;

What is your background? I have a degree in 3D Design from Brighton, but came to painting as I enjoy the immediacy and happy accidents one gets in the process of painting

How would you describe the work you produce?  Energetic and vibrant celebrations of streets and seasons.

Who inspired you to be an artist?  My mother is artistic and I’ve always been encouraged by both my parents, so it just came naturally.  On returning to my home town of London some years ago I decided to make a real commitment to painting, setting up my studio after studying 3D design at Brighton.

What inspires you?

My wanderings. I love London and especially this little corner of it (Crystal Palace), where I have a studio. It’s like a village here and there’s a real community spirit and people know each other to say hello to. I feel a real sense of belonging.

This is why I like to celebrate the places in and around London. I spend a lot of time in Crystal Palace park, which is full of beautiful trees and go walking and/or running with my springer spaniel – Humphrey.

The park is a great inspiration changing colours with each season and weather front reflected in my work which is a mixture of local landmarks as well as the wider locality of my home town of London that tends to draw me in. Often I like to work on images where the sun is shining, cutting into buildings or melting trees or dark corners next to a splash of sunshine.  See “Shadows and Circles, South Bank, London”.

With such a vibrant city I will never run out of inspiration, just time in which to make the many images I want to make.

How has the experience of being an artist most benefited you?  I have benefited in so many ways apart from the obvious one of having my dream job. It has also given me independence and although extremely busy, but time is my own.  I have made some fantastic friendships through my work while my work seems to give so much joy to those who buy from me.

What is the best surprise you have had from the experience?  I feel a great sense of happiness when I paint and my clients often say my work makes them happy.  I am always surprised when people show great enthusiasm for what I do.  It makes all the hard work of late and all night studio sessions as well as the sacrifices I’ve made to be a working artist worthwhile.

What is it that you are trying to achieve with your art?  I approach each image in the same way –hoping to instill the very feeling of being somewhere.  To transport the viewer emotionally into a space.

What compliment would make you feel the happiest at this point in your life?  Sometimes I hear viewers saying they have never seen this technique before or say that it is unique.  This makes me happy.  The best compliment is always when somebody chooses my work for their wall.

If you were asked, what one piece of life advice would you give others? If you know what it is you want to be or do – surround yourself with sound advice and support for what you are doing and enjoy the process.  It will take time, but be determind, you will get there.

As an artist each piece of work you make becomes a stepping stone to the next one and a reference point. Enjoy the happy accident in your work and be fearless. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, you can change it. I’m still enjoying learning what works and doesn’t work, developing my language – just keep going.

I left a well-paid job and lifestyle for a much more challenging life, but the rewards personally and professionally have been worth the risk. I love my work and feel very lucky to have had the chance to change my career in a place with a vibrant arts scene.

What medium do you prefer to work in and why?  I work in acrylics as they have the right properties I need to for the technique I have developed.


What would you paint for yourself?  An absolutely huge painting, but I would need a much larger space.  Because of my background in 3D design and making I was able to design and build a bespoke studio space and drying rack that in my studioso I would enjoy inventing a way of painting a very large piece as I paint on the floor, throwing and spilling.

A big broad question, what is Art worth (in society/our culture)?  That’s a big question, but my first thoughts are how freedom is important to me so I see it as an essential way of a society expressing themselves and should be encouraged and supported.  Art is everywhere.

Is there anything else you would like to say?…..perhaps is your work featured in any major collections,  has anyone famous bought work from you?

No one famous has bought my work, yet, but I a few weeks ago Dulwich on View and Dulwich Picture Gallery ran a competition alongside the Whistler and the Thames: An American in London exhibition. I was delighted that my work was chosen by Ian Dejardin, The Sackler Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery, as the winner of the Directors Prize category.  Part of my prize was an invitation to Hockney The Printmakers Private View – which was a real privilege as he is one of my art heroes.




Local Artist: Rosemary Clarke

Our second featured Artist is Rosemary Clark, showing on the 6th of April at our first Bazaar


“My name is Rosemary Clark and my stall at the Portico Bazaar is called South London Scenes. I sell greetings cards and prints of my ink and watercolour drawings of local scenes. The cards are 6″ x 4″, include an envelope and are blank inside.

As a local West Norwood resident for the past 30 years, I wanted to record some of the special features of the place, so I started with some iconic shops and buildings, such as the Old Library, Strowger’s ironmongers, Floral Hall and Beamish and McGlue, amongst others. More are in production.

These proved so popular that I have broadened the scope to include other south London places such as the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton and Dulwich Park cafe.I also do commissions for house portraits in oils or watercolour.Here are a couple of examples of the greetings cards.”

Our next featured Artist can be found here 



Strowger's ironmongers, West Norwood St Luke's Church, West Norwood Ritzy Cinema, Brixton