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The Painting of the Sea Side Novelty

So, people of the internet, you have reached Portico. And here you see the creation of ‘The Sea Side Novelty’ ….What, I hear you ask, is ‘The Sea Side Novelty’? Well, if you have passed through the doors of Portico in the last couple of weeks, you may have seen it – standing in the corridor awaiting your heads. Yes, friends, that is correct, your heads. However before we carved those holes out the three edwardian holiday makers did indeed have faces! …And here, for the first time we reveal to you, the internet perusing public, their rather happy little faces.


Of course this is all beside the point. What, you ask, is the point? …Well the point is this: SEA SIDE MUSIC HALL IS ON ITS WAY. Yes lucky lucky people of London, once again the Portico Picture Palace Hosts an evening of music hall entertainment, this time with a salty theme and candy floss in its hair. On the last weekend in May we will whisk you away to the sunny sea side for a spectacular evening of music hall tunes…. did you know this old place, the building itself, used to be a Music Hall? So this is not some museum piece kept behind glass. No this is real West End stars doing real music hall songs in a real music hall. Right here in the Great North Wood*.


Do come, get tickets via phone, email or just turn up and we will sell you one.

For more info see the music hall page.


*Not the new (and truly fantastic) Pub, just the old name for West Norwood….

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