Wilf Frost



Wilf is a seasoned veteran of the urban art movement and continues to reinvent his work as his views and the world changes. His vibrant figurative compositions have intriguing narrative themes with fresh and vigorous responses to today’s urban environment. He draws inspiration from urban landscapes and figures and transforms them into a colourful and magical fantasy. Wilf also paints humans with animals heads in home and urban surroundings, a reference to anthropomorphism, art and story telling. The texture of his paintings is further enhanced with beads, etching and tribal markings.


Wilf Frost has lived and worked in London all his life. After completing a BA at the University of East London he went on to do a Masters Degree at the Royal college of Art, London.




Contact Wilf:


e: wilf@wilfism.com

w: www.wilfism.com


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