Warrior Studios

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Warrior Studios is an artists’ studio collective based in Loughborough Junction, South East London. As a diverse group of artists they exhibit work together through regular open studios and group exhibitions organised by studio members.


Exhibiting Artists:

Jane Campbell, David Degreef-Mounier, Phil Dobson, Hugh Gilmour

James Alec Hardy, Gary Kempston, Duncan McAfee, Pauline Smith

Federica Dalla Vecchia, Harriet Warden.

As well as showing examples of their individual practice, Warrior Studios will be using Dulwich Open to promote four issues of “Warrior Press”:

In 2013 the Warrior Press was established as a vehicle for the production of new work, the sharing and dissemination of ideas and the promotion of Warrior Studios artists. Different co-operative members curate/edit each issue, building a growing collection of diverse print and online publications that explore contemporary art practice and attitudes.


Contact Warrior Studios:

e: info@warriorstudios.org

w: http://www.warriorstudios.org

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