Linda Samson

 Linda Samson


Linda Samson is a ceramicist, painter and print maker. Her work is colourful, decorative and bold in design. It is predominantly figurative, the figures taken from life, adapted and placed in imagined settings. She is influenced by the landscape of her childhood, spent on the east coast of Scotland – the sea, the wind, the sky, birds, the sun and the moon rising over the water, motifs that often occur in her work. From early on, Linda became interested in the imaginary masks we wear in our different roles in life. She works by choosing a theme, memory or idea, often using observational drawings as a starting point. Then she experiments with different media to get the effect or result she wants; her aim is to produce a seductive image whatever the surface she works on, be it paper, canvas or clay.


Linda Samson studied Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art. She has exhibited widely in Solo exhibitions in London at Chez Manny, Battersea, St. Georges Gallery, Tooting, Richmond Leisure Centre and Putney Arts Theatre among others. In 2013, she was selected featured artist at Skylark galleries. Linda has also exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in London including shows at The Oil & Water Gallery, Wandsworth, Barnes Arts Centre and Wandsworth Art Festival Open House.  She has also exhibited in New York, Edinburgh and Cambridge.


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