Henri M Smith

Henri M-Smith

Henri has always been interested in the concept of human movement, especially those of the female form which he feels epitomizes all the grace, elegance, including its beautiful inner strength and the multiple complex shapes that it offers as part of the challenge of the female figure.


Henri’s favourite medium is oil on canvas or board, which he feels lends itself to capturing movement in a very vibrant and effective manner. It is the various stages of the actual human movement, rather than the end point of the action, which are of interest to him, be it dancing or sporting activity of sorts and the like.


In his recent work Henri has tried to capture the exotic and exciting dynamism expressed in a type of Latin dance called Bachata. Like dancing, Henri finds the physical and emotive process involved in his paintings very cathartic and enjoys the challenges that it demands to convey to the viewer the various intrinsic aspects of human movement.


Henri M –Smith born in St Lucia, in the Caribbean. He graduated from Canterbury College of Art with a BA Honours in Graphic Design in the late eighties. Later he achieved a Post Graduate Certification in Education with distinction in Design & Technology at Greenwich University, London.


Henri primarily worked as a graphic designer in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. During that time in the creative industry he continued to maintain and hone his drawing and painting skills. Today he teaches product design, graphics, media studies and art at a secondary school in Essex.



Contact Henri:

e: hms204tin@gmail.com


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