Carol Edgar

Carol’s inspiration is drawn from natural observation. While the subject matter of her work is varied, there are recurring themes around plant forms and landscape. She works towards simplifying her chosen subject in order to capture its essence – through the use of colour, texture and simple forms.  The landscapes, for instance, are rarely representative of specific places, but are more a response to a memory or an amalgam of memories of atmospheres, colours, layers and formations in the various surroundings that have inspired her.


She often uses collaged papers and materials as a starting point in her paintings.  As a printmaker she works mainly with the collograph technique, applying textures to and/or incising and tearing into the card ‘plate’ before applying coloured inks. The finished print can have an embossed, tactile quality, sometimes individualised by the addition of handmade papers (chine colle) at the point of printing.


Carol Edgar has been exhibiting with The Skylark Galleries, London for 14 years. She also exhibits regularly in various London Open Studios.


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