Doomtube  works with digital and analogue video as well as audio creating a sense of ‘The Other’ or ‘The Alternative’, the clandestine/hidden/secret. His aim is to encourage the viewer into a state of heightened awareness and ‘existential angst’. A central theme of the work is anxiety along with the overarching motifs of decay, Occult and Alchemical philosophy, psychogeography and London’s mythical history.

Doomtube has been working on a large artistic research project with an organisation called ‘The Centre for Ritual Occult Studies’ which he was introduced to by the Intrepid Order of the Yellow Moth. The output of this endeavor manifests itself as ‘Video Thought Transmission’, a technique used to produce films with footage gathered from long walks across the fetid capital city.

His films have been shown in various film events in London and across the globe. Most recently his films were shown at Pushkin House with improvised music by ‘Trip-tik’. He is working on a follow up feature length film to the ‘Shard of Death’ short film created in collaboration with Mr W.Bramley.

The Dulwich open project is a chapter in a story that will become a feature film to have its world premier in West Norwood later in the  year. It will be the strangest  film  you may well ever see. The segment shown is 15 minutes long and will be screened from 12pm until 5pm on the hour. The film is shown in a small private cinema. Unlike the example above the film shown for this event is relatively accessible.

This work is being shown at the Portico Gallery in West Norwood on the weekends of 10-11 May and 17-18 May do  please visit  for more vague information.




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