Life Drawing


The new term starts on 4th of September

Life Drawing takes place on  Thursdays 6:30- 9:30pm.

We have a great line up of male and female models, both established favourites and new inspiration and I’ve got lots of ideas to spark off your inspiration and development.

There is no need to book as such but please let us know you are coming so we can make provision for the numbers. Remember, when we increase the number of participants we can also lower the cost to you so bring your friends and spread the word.

For those of you who have not yet joined in the fun, here’s a bit more information. The classes are relaxed and participative with students ranging from complete beginners to artists. I teach those who wish to be taught on an individual basis and each week there is a theme or focus for students to work on which reflects the skills involved in drawing – such as light, proportion, composition, colour, blind contour drawing, accuracy of perception and perspective. I also introduce concepts of personal expression, meaning, narrative and style. It is a fun, supportive group and students are free to push themselves or pursue individual goals or take time to practice and experiment as they think most appropriate. The models represent a range of age, gender and body-type.

The gallery provides easels and drawing boards. They also have basic drawing materials – paper, pencils, erasers, clips, charcoal – that you can buy a reduced prices but they are basic and I suggest you bring along your own materials. Fees are £150 for 8 sessions or £20/session mainly to practicing artists or people with complicated lives who cannot commit to a weekly attendance.

The Portico Gallery is a fascinating, idiosyncratic building at 23a Knights Hill, West Norwood, SE27 0HS. It’s just up from West Norwood station, opposite Wolfington Road. There is a shop front and to the left a set of white double doors. Through those doors on the right is an intercom to open the inner doors.

Does this answer your questions? Feel free to contact me, Chrissy (07967 018 514) about what else you want to know about the sessions. I look forward to your joining us.

Chrissy Thirlaway
The Portico Gallery
23a Knights Hill
West Norwood
SE27 0HS