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Pottery Workshops. Winter/Spring 2019 courses

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A six-week, course, welcoming all potters, from complete beginners to artists experienced with clay.  Those new to the medium will receive a secure grounding in the basic skills and methods involved in making and decorating clay; and those with existing knowledge and experience will receive the stimulus and any assistance they need to develop their skills and refine their competency.  Different clays, along with a variety of techniques will be explored, as well as introduction to and use of the kiln.

The Portico gallery has two Raku kilns, a large standard kiln and plenty of, indoor and outdoor, studio space and storage. Course costs include standard clays, glazing and firing, use of all equipment and tools, and also storage of work – which must be dried thoroughly before biscuit firing and then glazed and either Raku or standard fired!

Kiln’it takes place one evening a week, from 6:30pm to 9:00pm and costs £140.

For bookings or more info contact Emma, by phone or email – 07905 346876 /

Alternatively, you can contact the Portico Gallery at or 0208 761 7612


Teacher Profile

Kiln’it is run by Emma Fenelon, a local artist from the Camberwell area.  Since qualifying, Emma has been collecting awards and commissions, and has developed a name for herself as the most innovative ceramicists around! Emma is keen to share her talent and experience with those who harbour an interest in pottery and clay work, and the Portico Gallery are delighted to host the frequently run six-week workshop.