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Job Fair

job fair
busy day at job fair.
busy day at job fair.

On the 4th of March 2014 we hosted a Job Fair in the main hall. This event was put on by Lambeth Council and seemed to be very successful.  With the versatility of the main hall and its unique ‘walls on wheels’ we can quickly go from an empty space for Yoga and the like to a completely functional event room.

Throughout the day the Portico Gallery was visited by various councillors as well as hosting representatives from local employers including the soon to be finished new sports and leisure centre.

I Love Feast

On Sunday the 2nd of March we hosted the West Norwood Feast ‘I Love Feast’ event. The aim of the event was to promote getting involved with the running of the feast. Our Gallery owner, John Price is involved in the organisation of the West Norwood Feast and we host various events Feast related throughout the year. Indeed a lot of the smaller equipment for the Feast is stored here. Indeed the Feast office is here. On the Sunday the 2nd of March we created a small pop-up cafe which was enjoyed throughout the day by many active and new members of the Feast volunteers. IMG_2586

Open Works

An ongoing Lambeth council funded system change team with radical ideas about how the system can should and will be changed. For a load more information all about this project pop into the shop space all day Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and meet the friendly team there.

We will soon bring you a further report into the activities of these wonderful free thinkers.


Are you a member? we  would love to hear from you on how you feel it is all going, get in touch via the comment box below.