City of The Living Dead film screening

On the Thursday the 18th of this month (December) we have let our resident artist loose with a film of his choosing. Unfortunately he seems to have chosen some obscure Italian ‘Video Nasty’ entitled “City Of The Living Dead“. This is the first in the great Lucio Fulci trilogy known as ‘The Gates of Hell’ trilogy.


Words from our resident artist, Doomtube:

“Hello there, this film really should add a bit of a spooky strange atmosphere to your festive period. I first came across it around the age of 12ish, although for years was unaware of quite what I’d seen. I spent the  summer holidays with my cousins who were a few years older than me and the local video rental shop was a regular haunt.  This was the mid 80s, a time of the tabloid witch hunt against all things ‘Video Nasty’. A time when the only way you picked a film to watch was judging it by the lurid cover. We watched a lot of films. I remember specifically Mad Max by title and also The Exorcist . To be honest I do not recall titles of many others, however I do remember specific scenes. This film, very early on contains one such scene. Now I’ll not spoil it for you but the scene does involve a priest and a tree.

I’ve always been drawn to horror. Horror films, horror novels, horror comics, anything horror really… but for years many of those films I saw those summers eluded me. The internet didn’t really exist and I had more important things to do in my teens than trawl dusty comic shops for horror fanzines gathering info on films that I couldn’t watch because  the ‘1984 Video Recordings act’ banned or cut heavily them. It was indeed not until my mid 20s, when I returned to formal education, that my horror film passion was rekindled and I took up the search again for these strange non-Hollywood masterpieces.

Finding ‘The City of The Living Dead’ was an accident. I saw ‘The Beyond‘ first, and researching the director I discovered that film was the second in a trilogy, the first being the film to be screened on the 18th. I watched it and nearly fell off my chair as I realised I’d stumbled aross the obscure film I’d seen as a small innocent child!

I’ll not say anything more about the film here, come watch it to learn about the director, his expulsion from Italy for pissing off the Catholic church, the whole Video Nasty hysteria of the early 80s… you’ll love it. Some of the ‘Centre for Ritual Occult Studies’ extremely strange films known as ‘Video Thought Transmissions’, will also be shown.NOTE: The C.R.O.S Short films contain strobing effects.

So along with all the other festive events occurring here and the Folk of The Wood on the following day it’s shaping up to be a fantastic Festive season here.

Do be aware this film is shocking – both script and acting as well as the gore. It will be a truly wicked alternative festive event.

CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD - silverferox design (13)