So on the 8th of May 2014  The open works team held there first Suppper No.1. We assume it was called that as there are many more to come, indeed we do think it went very very well indeed. There was some lovely food, lovely people and lovely flowers. Tessy and Laura gave a great talk about the aims of the project and it was good to meet up with some members who have signed up. It seems there is a grown swell of people in and around West Norwood who want to make a difference to the way the systems operate, will he Open Works be responsible for instigating a change? We hope so!

The Portico Gallery is very involved with this project and we are housing a co-working space up in the mezzanine which has tea tables and wi-fi access.

So we do hope that this project continues to grow and thrive and change the systems that it aims to, and we here at Portico will help in any way we can.


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