‘The Devil Rides Out’ Free Screening Event

NEWS UPDATE: Having had a practice screening of the film we can confirm this will be a full Cinema experience, our 16 foot purpose built high quality screen is in place. We will screen the ORIGINAL film , not the touched up blu-ray. This of course means the soundtrack is also original, which in our opinion is no bad thing. It’s going to be quite a show.

Our first screening of the year will be on the 2nd of May, the Friday before the second Feast of this year. The film will be the 1968 Hammer classic ‘The Devil Rides Out’. Set in 1929 and featuring Christopher Lee playing a good guy for a change, and Charles Gray (Blofeld from ‘Diamonds Are Forever’), this brilliant slice of British cinema is darkly fantastical and brimming with 60’s style scares.

As this our first film screening event of the year it will be free entry (aren’t we good to you). However, do bring lots of money to spend at our bar as we will have plenty of popcorn and hot dogs!

Viewer discretion is advised as the film is classed as a 15.

There will be a talk beforehand from renowned Horror film critic Dr Karen Oughton  who knows way more about this film than a sane person should!

As well as this there will be a licensed bar and further guests to be announced.

Now, having looked into the sunset times, we are thinking: doors open 7pm, talks start about 8pm, the film itself is one and a half hours long, exact times will be posted here closer to the day.

Come along and get spooked by this brilliant  cult gem!