Local Artist; Anthony Hodgson

condemned crop

Anthony Hodgson is another of our  featured artists. He  has had work shown at our Bazaar on the 6th of April 2014.

The work above is called ‘Condemned’ and is described by the artist:

“This was inspired by someone I knew. Her name was ‘Dolores’, which means ‘pain’ or ‘suffering’ in Spanish. She was called that by her parents because they had wanted a boy. In the picture, the walls around the young woman are daubed with the words which have condemned her.”


Anthony Hodgson grew up in Whitby, in north Yorkshire, and is now part of the creative community based in West Norwood, south London. He works chiefly in pastels and inks. The art he creates is a reflection of  ‘the relationship between the contrasts and conflicts we find in nature and within ourselves: the light and dark; the good and bad; the beauty and the ugliness; life and death, and beyond.’



A self-portrait of the artist and a reflection on mental turmoil, breakdown and the collapse of sanity.

‘Condemned’- dedicated to all the girls and women who struggle to value themselves because the judgement of family.
‘Fragmentation’ – for all those who’ve battled with mental health problems: you’re not alone.