April Bazaar

Our first Bazaar of 2014 will be held on Sunday April 6th, the same day as the first West Norwood Feast of the year.

To apply for a stall please contact us soon as demand is high, so call 0208 761 7612 or email info@porticogallery.org.uk as soon as possible.
More information will be available soon, but in the meantime get in touch.

We will be holding a Raku firing session on the Friday before this first feast. Although not fully open to the general public, if you are interested in coming along and having a look get in touch and you can come and see this fascinating process. Due to its nature the firing will take place in the back court at the gallery so this is subject to the weather. Fingers crossed the weather does it’s best for us then.

The Bazaars we hold here are very popular and add an extra and exciting element to the fantastic monthly event that is the West Norwood Feast. If you are on twitter you can follow them @WN_FEAST and indeed if you are on twitter you can follow us too @PorticoGallery .


1st bazaar